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Here is a unique opportunity to make a full-time income running your own home-based travel website. Make money selling flight, hotel, and rental car services. No hard work or experience required.


This is a complete professional Travel Affiliate Website that allows users to search and book their flights and accommodation for trips anywhere in the world. In numbers – it contains over 5 million hotels in 50,000 cities with 1 million reviews, more than 600 airlines, and a variety of Car Rental companies on one website.

It also comes with a professional online store with travel accessories.

This is a perfect opportunity to own a strong online business for a passive income.

How does it work?

With this Travel Website, every time a visitor looks for a hotel, flight, or car, you will be making AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS. You will earn $15 – 20 per hotel reservation on average and approximately $11 commissions for flight bookings. This means that with as little as 10 visitors per day, you can easily earn around $40 per day ($1,200 per month).

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Visitors are also encouraged to shop in the travel store which comes with the site – You collect orders through the website and resend them to the product manufacturer. The manufacturer ships the order automatically to the customer. It is very easy. You can add how many items to the store you want and, the profits are usually $6 – $22 per every sold item. 

How will you get paid?

Booking providers keep track of all your daily earnings. You can check your daily revenue after logging in to your account. Once your threshold is $50 or more, you can easily withdraw earnings to your Paypal or bank account. All your profits from the travel store come to your account instantly.

How to manage this website?

The site is built using the latest version of WordPress. It requires zero maintenance while everything can be edited or uploaded very easily. For example, if you decide to change the slide banners or add products to the store, it is only a matter of a couple of seconds. The administration part is easy to work with and definitely can be called beginner-friendly.

Website features

This is a smart website offering many premium features that will help you boost sales right at the beginning:

✔️ A hotel search engine containing over 5 million hotel deals from 100’s of travel sites.
✔️ A flight price comparison search engine containing 600+ airlines.
✔️ A rental car search engine containing 1000’s of deals.
✔️ A travel guides/blog area.
✔️ Newsletter signs up – Allow your visitors to sign up for exclusive travel deals.
✔️ 100% Self Update. No daily updates and maintenance time required by you.
✔️ Responsive design: The website looks fantastic on any device.
✔️ SEO friendly: Rank high on Google search results.
✔️ Multiple income sources through Travelpayouts, Google Adsense, Amazon Associates,  and more.
✔️ Powered by WordPress: An easy-to-use admin panel, which allows for easy content editing.

What you are getting…

✔️ Free domain name (.online only or provide your own domain)
✔️ 3 months of free hosting (optional)
✔️ Website optimized for fast loading to give the best customer experience
✔️ Elegant responsive theme compatible with ALL devices
✔️ Fast & reliable support
✔️ Full installation and set up
✔️ 30-day money-back guarantee


What happens after I make the purchase?

After you complete the purchase and we verify all the details, we will contact you via e-mail so you can tell us what domain name you would like us to register for you. After that, we’ll create the website then transfer ownership to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

Are the affiliate programs free to signup?

Yes, all travel affiliate programs are 100% free to sign up and it only takes a few minutes to access your accounts.

What affiliate programs are used?

We exclusively use TravelPayouts as our provider. They have aggregated a large selection of booking sites for you to include in your travel site, without having to sign up and manage each one. View the full list here.

Do I need any experience to run this website?

Unlike most websites that require you to have some experience, this fully automated, self-updating, and turnkey travel affiliate business requires absolutely no experience to run online. No daily maintenance, no follow-up to inquires, no payment processing. Everything is taken care of for you making it one of the easiest sites to manage. This gives you the time to focus on other areas like marketing and promotion to grow revenue.


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