Curbing Down Upon Personal Injuries While Playing Football

More than a million American teenagers participate in the nation’s most popular game – Football! One of the major reasons why the American education system encourages the game of football is because there is more to it than just “football”. Students participating in league football games have to put in grueling physical hard work, and spend many hours in the gym. This helps to develop the physique of the players. Moreover, there are plans and strategies employed while playing the game. The students end up learning coordination skills and learn about teamwork, which will help them to succeed in their later life when they take up full time jobs. There are many advantages associated with the game. However, unlike many other games, football has its own levels of difficulties and risks which participating students have to undertake to succeed in the game. The game is linked with physical injuries, many of which have even proved to be fatal for the students. So the question is whether football is safe for students, and if it is acceptable, how should the students go about taking preventive measures to stop the personal injuries from occurring?

Three safety factors to scale down injuries in high school players

• Proper equipment

The game can be very brutal at times, and so the quality and type of equipment used should be properly standardized for the players. More than often, players collide head on during games, and if they don’t use proper protective equipment, chances are they can suffer some serious injuries. It is very important for the school and college sports management to firmly lay down rules regarding personal safety and equipment used to safe guard the health of players.

• Proper training

The training is the most important part in educating the students about how the game should be played in a safe manner. An experienced and caring coach can make a huge difference in the way students learn the game and play it on the field. Proper training can ingrain the finer qualities in the players and ensure that they can play the game for longer durations – if they remain physically fit and devoid of injuries.


• Supervision during games and practice sessions

Kids should not be left alone on their own while they practice their skills. Majority of the injuries occur during the training sessions, and the most common reason for that is lack of proper coaching presence during practice sessions. There should be a senior person, preferably a coach, who can guide the students as to what should be done and what not during the sessions. Students should also be taught personal safety techniques and made aware about the consequences if they fail to adhere to the safety rules and regulations.

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